Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting anew...

Wow, it certainly does not feel like the first day of a new year...a new decade at that, but I certainly need a new start! 2009 was certainly not the best of times, but I want to move forward from the negatives of the last year and look to the possibilities of the future ahead. I am not totally clear what the Lord's plan is for me, but I do look forward to working more closely with Tony to build a successful business, maybe find something part time until spring, and just spend more quality time with the kids.

We managed to stay up until midnight last night, as Gabe and Sophia had their cousin Jaxxon over to spend the night, Tony and I can't remember the last time we stayed up to watch the New Year start! We did share a bottle of sparkling cider with the kids (something we remember fondly doing when we first started dating).

I need to work on rebuilding some family relationships that have become broken over the past year.

I also want to continue to study the Bible and learn about my short-comings and how to improve myself, my first Woman's Bible Study starts in just a few weeks and I look forward to learning more about the book of Psalms.

We finished cleaning up all the Christmas decorations and I think I got most of the pine needles vacuumed from the living room carpeting, we finished building my new desk and I am looking forward to my new computer arriving on Monday.

The kids and Tony and I built a new stand for the tables in the veggie house I will be working PT prepping the veggies for Chelsea to pack and the tables were too low before and it would hurt my back and neck so now that should no longer be a problem!

So hello 2010, and thanks for giving me a fresh start!