Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A bad start for Sophia...

Oh my, our drama queen strikes again...it all started with the outfit she had on this morning, she did not think the pants matched the top so we went round and round and finally I gave up and let her change her clothes (it was black pants that apparently did not match the pink shirt she had on, however the brown ones do...go figure on that one!)

Next it was the chocolate milk I didn't make right...we were out of chocolate milk so I told her I would make her "magic milk" (white milk with chocolate syrup)...we were almost out of the syrup in the bottle so I poured the milk into the bottle and allowed her to shake it up...things seemed fine at this point...then I squirted all the now chocolate milk into her cup and she totally lost it...she WANTED to do that part...OMG!!

Now onto her lunch...yesterday because I was not feeling well she packed not only her lunch but Gabe's too, and she apparently does it in some way that I don't, because today when I PACKED it her sandwich was mushed! She realized this when we were sitting at the bus stop (why we need to open our lunch box and inspect our lunch at 8:00 in the morning is beyond me) and again she lost it, she had her lunch thrown all over the backseat of the car...it was totally ruined in her opinion, at this point I was about to lose it, and I spanked her bottom and told her to get over herself and put her lunch back in her lunch bag and back in her backpack. When the bus arrived she was in "rare form" and I had to practically carry her kicking and screaming acrossed the street and onto the bus...our bus driver is so sweet...she told me to put her on and she would get her safely to school...I am curious to hear how things turned out...

I also called the school to give them a heads-up that she was coming and was not happy about it...they said no problem they would make sure she had a good day...so glad she goes to such a wonderful school!

On a completely unrelated note she calls a fly swatter a fly slapper...thought that was cute and needed to be remembered!